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Topyoung aligned with the 1.5˚C-degree ambition

Release time:May 19,2022

Topyoung aligned with the 1.5˚C-degree ambition and  commitment is already made to at least halve our company emissions by 2030 and below is our climate action plan.

1. We hope to increase surface transportation ratio for goods delivery from 10% in passed 10 years to 50%  in 2030 and below is the goals.

2. Covid 19 changed our way of working, travel replaced by remote meeting with customer and supplier, reduced business trips by 10% every year from 2019.

3. Implemented BPM system to support operation, A4 paper usage was reduced by 10% from 2020 to 2021. We will continue to optimize the information management system and hope to achieve 100% paper-free in operation in 2030.

4. Energy saving

•Working area power shut when employee left office during lunch time or PC standby when left seat.

•Specify the conditions for starting the air conditioner: room temperature is over 26 C° in summer and below 20 C° degrees in winter.

•Employees are encouraged to take public transportation to and from work, and subsidies are to buy new energy vehicles.

•Encourage staff to reduce elevator use to reduce electricity consumption. Advocate many people take together or go downstairs as far as possible do not take the elevator.

5. Recycle

•Reuse product packaging boxes.

•Recycling of waste equipment and instrument.

•Wastes recycle ratio achieved 100% until 2030.