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AC Power Managerment System

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Channel number1 Mains
Connector TypeIEC C20
CurrentMax. 16A
OutputChannel number4 Outputs(Extensible to 8 channels)
Connector TypeCEE 7/3
Voltage100~240VAC (as input)
Frequency50-60Hz (as input)
CurrentMax. 16A
Measuring parameterVoltageaccuracy0.5V ±0.5% F.S
Currentaccuracy0.05A ±0.5% F.S
Power factorresolution0.001
Active powerresolution0.001W
Electric meteringaccuracy±1% F.S
Communication controlCommunication physical interfaceLAN (RJ45) 
Communication protocolSocket / Telnet
Protective functionOverpressure protection

1.The test voltage of the software is detected, and all the channel output is disconnected at the time of overpressure to protect the load equipment.

2.The built-in hardware input overpressure protection, the limit overpressure is the protection device itself.

Overflow protection

1.When the output is overflowed, the channel output is disconnected. The output flow value can be set separately.

2.When the total input flows, disconnect all channel output.

3.The output of the pipe is built with a fuse, which is a fuse when the limit is overflowing.

Over temperature protectionThe built-in debug fan is installed, and the temperature exceeds the limit time to disconnect all channel output to force the heat.

Software Function

Specific Function

Functional Description
Device controlChannel powerChannel on  power on
Channel downChannel off  power down
The time scheduling configurationAccording to the user's defined channel operation and interval delay to power on or power off
Status displayVoltage displayReal-time display of channel voltage
Current displayReal-time display of channel current
Temperature displayDisplay internal temperature
Energy ConsumptionRecord energy consumption

Control Interface

This system is the automatic system that controls the alternating current switch, which is reflected in:

Improve operation efficiency: this system can realize the automatic control and switching of alternating current source, without manual intervention, thus improving operation efficiency and reducing human cost.

Accurate control: this system can improve the accuracy of power management by using the preset condition and procedure, the open and close control of the power supply.

Protection equipment: this system can realize the pressure, overpressure and other protection functions of alternating current source, and effectively prevent the damage caused by abnormal equipment caused by abnormal conditions, and improve the service life of the equipment.

Energy saving and emission reduction: this system can achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction according to the actual needs of the equipment, the timely closing of the equipment and the waste of the power supply.

Centralized management: this system can control the multiple alternating current equipment, and the unified scheduling and control of the alternating current source is controlled by the program control, which is convenient for the maintenance and management of the equipment.

Real-time monitoring: this system can monitor the operation of alternating current source in real time, detect the abnormal condition of alternating current source by alarm and prompt function, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In summary, the system has the function of simple operation, control precision, protection equipment, energy saving and emission reduction, centralized management and real-time monitoring, which is widely used in various fields, and provides a strong guarantee for the stable operation of equipment.