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OTA Fast Test System for Small Wireless Products

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* Compact size and easy deployment
* High precision and near real-time test
* Expandable to a variety of application scenarios

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Main Test Items:

Total Radiated Power (TRP)

Total Receive Sensitivity (TIS)

Extent Vector Modulation (EVM)

Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR)

Spectral Mask (SEM)

System ParametersParameter Index
Frequency Range1.7~3.8 GHz
Shielding Performance≥70 dB
Device Size (W×D×H)1500×1500×1700 mm³
Test Area (spherical)

1.7 ~ 2.7 GHz: Diameter 300 mm

3.3 ~ 3.8 GHz: Diameter 250 mm 




TRP≤±1 dB
TIS≤±3 dB
RSSI≤±3 dB
TRP Measuring Speed≤1 min/Single Frequency Point
Support DUT Max Transmit Power (W)5
Support DUT Max SizeDiameter 300 mm
Support DUT Max Weight
5 KG
Standard InterfaceSMA-Female; Three-phase AC power interface; RJ45 network port