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MRC03-Reverberation Chamber Test System

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* Aim at OTA test platform for small wireless products
* Compact size, high efficiency, high sensitivity and wide frequency band
* Support product testing of various current wireless products

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System ParametersParameter Index
Frequency Range10.4~18 GHz
Shielding Performance
0.4~6 GHz: ≥100 dB
6~18 GHz: ≥100 dB
Device Size (W×D×H)4450×3000×3475 mm³
Device Size (W×D×H)2000×2000×2000 mm³




Stray Emission≤2.0 dB
Antenna Efficiency≤0.3 dB
TRP≤0.3 dB
TIS≤0.5 dB
Typical Repeatability≤0.1 dB
TRP Measurement Speed≤3 min/Frequency
System Noise Floor2(dBm/MHz)-57 @6 GHz Typ.
Support DUT Max Volume0.64 m³
Support DUT Max Weight
150 KG

1: Expandable to higher frequency bands

2: The indicator will be slightly different according to the test selection of different instruments

Hardware Configuration

Configuration ItemDescriptionConfiguration
Shielding Body4450×3000×3475 mm³Standard
Turntable0°~360° / 0.1° SteppingStandard
Measuring AntennaCover 0.4~18 GHzStandard
Link AntennaSub 6G / mmWave


RF InterfaceSMA-Female /2.92-Female / 2.4-FemaleStandard
Power Interface220 V / 16 A Three-phase InterfaceStandard
Communication InterfaceNetwork Port /USB /Optical FiberStandard
Instrument Cabinet19” Standard CabinetOptional

Test Instrument

Vector Network AnalyzerOptional
Wireless Comprehensive TesterOptional
Spectrum AnalyzerOptional
Signal SourceOptional

Ordering Guide

SeriesApplicable ObjectsSupport FrequencyTest Area
MRC03Mobile phone and communication module products with size less than 30cm1.7~67GHz(Scalable to higher frequencies)≤0.3×0.3×0.3 m³
MRC06Millimeter wave base stations, drones and other products with a size less than 60cm0.7~67GHz(Scalable to higher frequencies)≤0.6×0.6×0.6 m³
MRC20Base stations, major appliances, robots and other products with a size less than 2m0.4~18GHz(Scalable to higher frequencies)≤2.0×2.0×2.0 m³
MRCXCustomized ProductsTBD