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Beam Weight Simulator

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  • BCS1750A
  • BCS1750A
  • BCS3085A
  • BCS3085A
  • BCS61Z96
  • BCS61Z96
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ModelDescriptionAntenna PortPathloss



Phase Step
Att range
Att step
BCS61Z96A-32T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 32 ports32300.61 ~ 0.961.4250.5
BCS61Z96A-64T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 64 ports64340.61 ~ 0.961.4250.5
BCS1750A-32T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 32 ports32351.7 ~ 5.01.4250.5
BCS1750A-64T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 64 ports64381.7 ~ 5.01.4250.5
BCS3085A-32T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 32 ports32383.0 ~ 8.51.4250.5
BCS3085A-64T1-B2Beam Weight Simulator, 64 ports64423.0 ~ 8.51.4250.5
General SPEC.
Phase Difference Between Channels @0°/0dB (°)≤±3 Typ. @Fc ±50MHz, Fc: calibrated frequency
ATT Difference Between Channels @0°/0dB (°)≤±0.3 Typ. @Fc ±50MHz, Fc: calibrated frequency
Phase Shift Accuracy (°)≤±3Typ. @Fc ±50MHz, Fc: calibrated frequency
Attenuation Accuracy (dB)≤±0.3 Typ. @Fc ±50MHz, Fc: calibrated frequency
Power Supply/Consumption100-240V~/ 100W
Control InterfaceLAN / socket
Operating Temperature0℃~40℃
Regulatory Compliance
European UnionEMC 2014/30/EU, EN 61326-1:2013
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
Safety EN 61010-1:2010, AMD1:2016
RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU
USAFCC CFR 47 PART 18:2021 FCC MP-5:1986
Software Function
GUIIntuitive display of frequency points and sets the values of each channel.
Channel set valueSets the value of the graph to satisfy the users’ various habits.
Import and exportAll current channel settings can be exported and re-imported after user’s modification.
LoggingReal-time record (query) device operation records, including operating time and setting record values.
Scene fileSupports scene file import, auto-play, loop play; supports setting the playback interval for each frame.
Auto-CalSupports one-button automated calibration (relevant calibration accessories need to be configured)
API commandsProvides API commands for automated testing.