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PWS Test System-PWS3001

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* The perfect combination of "small size" and "great capacity"
* Achieve far-field test effect at close range
* Can be deployed in office buildings, with small covering area and low cost

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Darkroom system parameterParameter index
Darkroom external dimension6.3 ×4.3×4.2 m3 (L×W×H)
Shielding efficiency-Meet GB/T 12190 standard14 KHz: ≥60 dB
150 KHz: ≥70 dB
1 MHz~18 GHz: ≥100 dB
Frequency range2.3~5.0 GHz or 1.7~5.8 GHz
Quiet zone size (φ×D)1.2 m×1.2 m @ 2.6 GHz
1 m×1 m @ 3.5 GHz
0.9 m×0.9 m @ 4.9 GHz
Amplitude and phase ripple wave in quiet zone≤±1 dB,≤±7°
XPI≥25 dB
Reflected level of quiet zone≥40 dB
System test uncertainty (meeting 3GPP index requirements)


EIS≤1.22 dB@3 GHz,≤1.37 dB@3~4.2 GHz

Turntable system parameterParameter index
Size and weight supporting DUT≤1.2 m×0.6 m×0.4 m,  ≤100 Kg
X axis - back-and-forth translationStroke ±1000 mm,Accuracy ±0.1 mm
Y axis – left-and-right translationStroke ±2000 mm,Accuracy ±0.1 mm
Azimuth axisStroke ±180°,Accuracy ±0.1°
Lodging axisStroke  0~90°,Accuracy ±1°
Roll axisStroke ±180°,Accuracy ±0.1°
Test itemSignal typeSignal directionScanning mode
EIRPModulationDownlinkFixed point
EVMModulationDownlinkFixed point
ModulationModulationDownlinkFixed point
OBWModulationDownlinkFixed point
Radiated spurious emissionModulationDownlinkSphere
Directional diagramMonophonic / ModulationUplink / DownlinkSection
EISModulationUplinkFixed point
ACSModulationUplinkFixed point
ICSModulationUplinkFixed point
Dynamic rangeModulationUplinkFixed point
BlockModulationUplinkFixed point

* Support the directional diagram and RF index test of various active and passive antennas

** Support all ub-6 GHz in-band index tests specified by 3GPP

*** The supporting software can analyze the test results in real time and export the test report conveniently and quickly

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